Virotherapy is a unique opportunity for any oncology or integrative clinic not only at the local level, but also for the development of medical tourism, says Ingrida Circene*, President of the World Medexport Association.
Rigvir is an oncolytic virotherapy drug whose future is centralized registration in the EU and other countries. It is known that the drug is registered as part of national registration procedures in several countries of the world, and the next registrations will follow, so the temporary difficulties faced by the manufacturer will be easily resolved as soon as possible.

For 15 years Rigvir has proven to be a pioneer in oncolytic virotherapy and well matched with not only integrative treatments, but also has proven effects of oncolytic virus application in combination with more traditional treatment methods in oncology.

Virus ECHO7 is not only safe medicine for cancer treatment, but also serves as an instrument for clinics to attract medicine tourists to their country. Virotherapy with Rigvir received patients from approximately 100 countries around the world.
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*Former Minister of Health of Republic of Latvia

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