CEO: Jānis Dobelis
Address: Jaunā iela 12, Jūrmala, LV-2015, Latvia
Phone: +371 67229522

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is the world’s first center of excellence for the oncolytic virotherapy, a true institution of integrative oncology care, which provides a holistic approach to cancer treatment by improving also patient’s overall health status and well-being.
Oncolytic virotherapy is an innovative cancer treatment using an oncotropic and oncolytic virus that finds and destroys malignant cells in the human body. Virus not only destroys cancer cells, but also affects the immune system, inducing immune cell activity and mobilising them to fight cancer. Medicine contains a live, adapted, non-pathogenic and not genetically modified enterovirus. Treatment is effective, safe and well tolerated, improving time to progression, survival and quality of life of cancer patients.
Virotherapy is administered as series of injections according to virotherapy treatment protocols and is recommended to be used under supervision of a certified virotherapy specialist to achieve best possible treatment result.
Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic focuses on a holistic view of the patient and offers a peaceful, relaxing and psychologically nurturing environment. Patients who come to the clinic receive not only state-of- the-art virotherapy cancer treatment, consultations with oncologist, immunologist, nutrition specialist etc., but also are provided with a comprehensive healing environment that includes mind and body techniques education and practices, psychotherapy, art therapy, acupuncture and more. There is also top-class restaurant on the premises that cares for the dietary requirements of the patients.
The professionals at the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic take care for the patients not only during the stay at the clinic, but all the way through their fight with cancer. It is a mutual trust and agreement between the patient and the doctor to defeat the disease. The team focuses on patient’s entire well-being and has an individual approach to every patient.

Medical services
• case assessments
• development of an individual treatment plan
• RIGVIR® injections
• blood tests, ultrasound examinations
• consultations with oncologist
• consultations with immunologist
• consultation with nutritionist
• physiotherapy sessions
• consultations with psychotherapist
• art therapy sessions
• mind and body techniques education and practices
• acupuncture
• nurse services