Address: Kalnciema street 27, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia
Telephone: +371 289 086 88
Director: Olafs Slūtiņš

Integrative Medicine Clinic (Oncology) 
Our aim is the treatment of a person in whole, instead of treatment of the physical symptoms. The symptoms cannot be separated from the patient since they appear as an integrated part of the body system.
Integrative medicine aims not only at treating, but also at studying the reasons and lifestyle that have led to a disease, in order to stop its further progress. Latest discoveries in traditional medicine, science and treatment understanding definitely show that integrative medicine should constitute a significant part of conventional therapy.
We develop and offer a number of effective and gentle integrative treatment methods.

Our main treatment directions:
Oncolytic virotherapy, a conceptually new method of cancer treatment using a special virus capable of finding and destroying cells of a malignant tumour in a human body. After being administered, the virus seeks and infects malignant cells, replicates inside and destroys them. Viruses not only destroy cancer cells but also make them visible for the immune system of the body, thus allowing the immune system to attack cancer cells as well.

SCENAR therapy is known as non-invasive, biofeedback therapy. It comprises diagnosic and therapy of a large variety of diseases by means of biofeedback technologies and involves the whole body rather than single disease treatment. It is also used in oncology for reestablishing a response of immune system and for pain relief.

Mistletoe cancer therapy acts on many levels: On the one hand, it boosts the immune system by multiplying and activating the immune cells; on the other, mistletoe extract can induce apoptosis – the process of natural cell death – which can inhibit tumour growth.
Mistletoe extract protects the DNA of immune cells and other healthy cells against the damage caused by cytostatic drugs. As a result, side effects of chemotherapy can be reduced.
The treatment is appropriate for almost all tumour diseases. The treatment can be used before or after surgery, as well as before, during or after radiation, chemo-, hormonal, or antibody therapies.

Detoxification is actually an integral part of any cancer treatment and includes elimination of toxins and strengthening of body’s functions. Detoxification is an essential support to the immune system and ability to fight tumours.

Medical services include:
• case assessment for applicability of our treatments (free of charge)
• development of an individual treatment plan
• application of virotherapy
• application of immunomodulating therapies
• SCENAR diagnostics and therapy
• consultation with oncologist
• consultation with nutritionist
• consultation with SCENAR treatment specialist
• detoxification procedures
• organising the necessary and up-to-date diagnostics via our cooperation partners in each individual case (inc. PET, CT, blood tests, early cancer diagnostics, food intolerance tests, etc.).